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Details about each package.

This explains in detail what each of our packages offer.

Copper Package

Our Copper package does an amazing job of removing basic layers of dirt and grime on your vehicle. Along with a detailed pressure wash, your vehicle is treated to hand cloth dry treatment, a generous application of tire shine, and a full interior wipe down. All leather in the vehicle is cleaned and conditioned, the windows are cleaned, and every vehicle is left with a fresh new car scent.

copper package.png
Bronze package.png

Bronze Package

Our Bronze package includes all the perks of a Copper level wash, however it does a better job of removing tough stains. We do a deeper dive into cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, removing any and all bug splats from your car. We use either a moisturized clay bar treatment to remove any and all contaminants from your vehicle's paint job, or a wax treatment to give your car that fresh shine.

Silver Package

Our Silver package has all the benefits of a Bronze level wash, we also give both the clay bar treatment, and a full wax to the entirety of your vehicle. The exterior of the car is treated by hand, and leaves the car looking brand new. This package also deep cleans your interior, by extracting any and all carpet seats and floor boards and shampooing it all. This package perfects both the inside and outside of your car, and will leave you feeling excited for your next drive.

Gold Package.png

Gold Package

Our Gold package is made to reform your exterior. It has all the perks of a Silver level wash with a focus on providing an even deeper clean. We use a special product to clear out all swirls and scratches from the exterior paint job. Then, your vehicle is treated to a dedicated, full car, hand polish that will make your car unrecognizable. Our gold package is sure to satisfy. 

Platinum Package

Our platinum package is for our heavy duty customers. It contains all the work done in a Gold level wash, with an emphasis on removing all external contaminants to your car. After this is done, your whole vehicle is treated to a full body coat of ceramic spray. This ceramic coating is our high quality product that gives a full year of solid protection to your vehicle. This package can keep your vehicle looking it’s best, at all times.


Diamond Package

Our Diamond package is our most detailed and heavy duty clean. In our Diamond package, we meticulously go through every cleaning service we offer, giving your car the best possible treatment through it all. After all this is done, your car is given a heavy duty, two-step paint correction that will clear out all sun damage that we know that easily occurs in Arizona. The damage that the sun does to a vehicle's paint job is immense, and this correction is built to reverse any and all damage to the exterior of your car. This, when combined with all other services we offer, is sure to restore any vehicle to its original state.

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