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Details about each package  & everything we offer

Our service prices are subject to change based on the size and condition of your vehicle. We strive to provide top-notch services at affordable rates to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please feel free to get in touch us to schedule an appointment and receive a customized quote for your vehicle.

Copper Package

Our Copper package is the perfect choice for those who want to keep their car looking its best. With an exterior hand wash and a 1-month lasting wax, your car will shine like new. We also apply tire shine to give your wheels that extra pop. On the inside, we take out all the mats and vacuum the entire interior. Our team then uses brushes to wipe down all the interior pieces of your car, leaving it looking and feeling fresh. Choose our Copper package for a complete car cleaning experience.

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Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 9_edited.png

Silver Package 

Looking for a comprehensive car wash package that will leave your car looking brand new? Our Silver Package is just what you need! Our exterior hand wash includes rim cleaning and tire shine application, while our Level 2 wax will keep your car shining for up to 6 months. On the inside, we'll vacuum your car and apply leather conditioner to keep your seats looking great. Finally, we'll use our brushes to wipe down all the interior pieces. Trust us to take care of your car!

Gold Package 

Our Gold Package offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure your vehicle looks and feels brand new. With this package, you can expect an exterior hand wash that includes cleaning of the rims and application of tire shine. Our Level 3 wax is also applied to the exterior, which provides long-lasting protection for up to 1 year. The interior is thoroughly vacuumed and wiped down, and the seats receive a leather treatment to keep them looking and feeling great. Additionally, this package includes an engine bay wipe down to ensure that every inch of your vehicle is spotless.

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Emarald Package 

Our Emerald package offers a complete car detailing service that includes an exterior hand wash with rims cleaned and tire shine applied. The interior of your car will receive a deep vacuum and wipe down, along with a leather treatment. Additionally, you have the option to choose from a level 1 paint correction, polish, or wax, all of which are applied with an orbital buffer for a flawless finish. Book now to give your car the ultimate pampering it deserves!

Diamond Package

Our Diamond Package offers a range of ceramic coating options for your car, including two levels of coating that provide long-lasting protection. The first level of coating lasts for an impressive 7 years, while the second level lasts for an even more impressive 9 years. Additionally, we offer ceramic sprays that come in two levels as well, with the first level lasting for 1 year and the second level lasting for 2 years. Ceramic coating is an excellent investment for your car, as it provides a wide range of benefits, such as protection against scratches, UV rays, and chemical stains. Furthermore, it offers a long-lasting solution that will keep your car looking great for years to come.

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Window Tint

Car tinting offers numerous benefits, including reducing heat and glare, protecting the interior from fading, and increasing privacy. It also adds a sleek and stylish look to your vehicle. Our tinting services provide a variety of options to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your car.

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